House Rules Feats and Classes

Legion Mage

Aurumean Oracle
Mergothian Shieldman
Mergothian Spearman
Song of Wōduin (Mergothian Battle Cleric)

Skill Points
Instead of the class-based means of determining skill points, skill points for each level is equal to 6 – (1.5 X the number of classes you have) + INT Modifier + WIS Modifier. For creation you get 4 times this amount.

For example, a character who has 1 class and a INT modifier of +2 and a WIS modifier of +3 would get: 6 – (1.5 × 1 rounded is 2) + 2 + 3 = 9 points per level.

The same character with 2 classes would get: 6 – (1.5 × 2) + 2 + 3 = 8 points per level.

Parrying with Auxiliary and Off-Hand Weapons
All characters are capable of using a weapon or object in their off-hand to facilitate their defense via a parry.

If a character is using a parrying weapon in their off-hand, when an opponent makes a successful non-critical attack, the character can attempt to use their off-hand weapon to parry. The character must make a successful DEX check, with the same penalties they would receive for using a weapon in their off-hand (-10 is the base penalty; the Ambidexterity feat reduces this by 2, as do both the Two-Weapon Fighting and Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feats – all three are stackable). If this check is greater than the roll made, the parry is successful, and the attack is negated.

A parry counts as an attack. A character may parry an attack of opportunity, however it counts as an attack for their round. If the character has already attacked, then it counts as an attack from their next round. Characters using two weapons can take a full action make two attacks – one with each weapon; if the character has already used their off-hand weapon to parry prior to their turn, they can only make an attack with their primary weapon.

While it is not expressly listed in the weapons section, a Parrying Dagger confers an additional +1 bonus (as well as any magical bonuses) to the parry attempt. A Parrying Dagger is specifically designed for the purpose, often with a large guard protecting the hand, or with quillions specially designed for the task.

House Rules Feats and Classes

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