Aurumeum is the home of the Aurumnii, or the Aurumeans. The name of the people is a prophecy — for in their tongue, they are the people who shine like the dawn. And this was true, for nearly three ages.

The Aurumnii were once simple people who lived in the land between the Capretian Mountains and the Tredocean Sea, in the lands once known as Scarba.

Initially, they were simple people who lived in small bands and hunted, and fished, and occasionally worked the land. Eventually, the bands became larger, and as the people settled the land more firmly, kingdoms arose.

Eventually, the kingdoms were united, and finally replaced by the Great Republic of the Aurumnii, the Aurumean Republic whose capital city was Luveneum, nestled between the tender breasts of the earth herself, in the valley between the Utso Mountains to the south, and Mt. Cerapius and the Sugoi (the Sugoem Mountains) to the north.

The last king to sit on the throne at Luveneum had conquered the once-grand city-states of Lugos. For nearly a millennium, the Lugosii have served as trusted servants and honored slaves; Arumeum has benefited wildly from the philosophies and sciences that is the product of the Lugocian intellect and culture. The Aurumnii have even taken the Lugocian gods as their own.

It was during the time of the Emperors of Aurumeum, seated now on the throne of Luveneum, that the great expansion beyond the Capretian mountains truly brought Aurumean brilliance to the savage world.

The great might that is Aurumeum has dominated nearly all of the known world, stretching well north of the Capretians and nearly all the way west to the great ocean. To the east, the shining dawn of the Great Empire stretched all the way to the River Ió, to the forests of the wildmen and the land of the horse people.

As the Empire expanded, it grew more wealthy and powerful. Conquered people were encouraged to bend to the Aurumean will, plied with riches and technologies and bright magics from the gods who smiled on the Aurumnii. Solders who brought arms against the Aurumean legions could join and be granted citizenship, earn great wealth. Chieftains who allied themselves were granted great power over their own people, in the name of the Empire. Even the powerful [NAME HERE] could not keep Aurumean might from pilfering their lands and allies.

Alas, for nearly an age, the light of the Aurumnii has been dimming, until now it is nearly extinguished. The conquest had made the empire vastly wealthy, but also more corrupt and decedent with each passing year. In time, the Empire ceased to be able to support its own weight. Famines within the breadbaskets of the Empire weakened what corruption had already undermined. New, horribly vicious people from the far north and from East of the Ió, and from lands beyond the domain of the [NAME HERE] began to come, mixing with the people once conquered and vassaled to the Empire.

Now, the lands the Empire controls have shrunk to little more than Scarba, Lugos, and the vicinity south of the Inland Sea and the Cavello Mountains. The tribes of the barbarian lands north of the Capretians form their own kingdoms. The new kings have the luxury to fight among themselves while they consolidate their powers, for the people of Aurumeum grow restless, her ruling class grow jaded while her Emperor feasts behind his high walls, and darkness creeps ever closer to snuff out the guttering candle-flame that is Luveneum.


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