While there are written languages within this setting, the vast majority of the population is illiterate. Characters will know their native language, and be able to learn any number of languages up to the number of their INT modifier. These languages are spoken only.

The Linguistics skill is used to learn how to read and write a language or to detect forgeries, as per its description. For each rank in Linguistics, a character can learn to read and write a new language. A written language learned this way does not have to be one the character speaks, however knowing how to read and write a language does mean you can speak it, as you will not know what it sounds like or how to pronounce it.

Additional spoken languages can be learned by taking the Knowledge(Language) skill. For each rank in this skill, a character can learn a new spoken language. The Knowledge(Language) skill can be assumed to be a class skill for any character who has the Linguistics class skill.

Track what languages your character can read and write separately.

The Linguistics skill can also be used to attempt to read strange or ancient forms of a familiar language. Similarly, the Knowledge(Language) skill can be used to attempt to understand similar but unknown spoken languages.

Languages that are dialects are frequently mutually intelligible.
Mutually Intelligible means that, while speakers of these languages don’t catch every word the other says, but they get the general gist of what the other is saying. There may be minor confusions, but they are usually easy to spot, and with a little more conversation, can be figured out. Some details can be transmitted, but much detail is lost. The main thread is solid, however. Conversation takes a little longer and is frequently circuitous.

Marginally Mutually Intelligible means that speakers of these languages have a hard time even getting the main thrust of what the other is saying. With effort, it is possible to make it through and get a basic understanding of what the other is saying. There is much room for misinterpretation, however.

Language Families

Arumian: Language of the Aurumii. It is related to Lugos, the language of the Lugocians, though the two are not really mutually intelligible.

Lugos: Language of the Lugicians (who live in Lugos). It is still spoken among Lugocian slaves and in the cities of Lugos.

Havetic Languages
Tygir: Language of the Tygirni and the primary Havetic language.
Popheen Tygir: Language of the Popheoni. It is a dialect of Tygirni and is mutually intelligible.
Cyr: Language of the Cybri. It is a distant dialect of Mergothian, though it is not readily intelligible with it.
Hercian: Language of the Herciani. Distant dialect of Andulutian. Not mutually intelligible with any other language.
Sisquan: Language of the Sisquani. Dialect of Tygir with Andulutian borrow words. Marginally mutually intelligible with Tygirni only.

Schayvetic Languages
Schay: Language of the Isterni. Base language of the Schaivetii.
Aedutian Schay: Language of the Aeduti. Schay dialect with Lugocian borrow words. Marginally mutually intelligible with Schay dialects but not with Lugocian.
Noredeen Schay: Language of the Nordedeone. Schay dialect mutually intelligible to other Schay dialects.
Bo Mergothian: This is the language of the Boii. It is a Mergothian dialect, marginally intelligible with Mergothian but not Frig Mergothian.

Mergothian Languages
Mergothian: This is the language of the Skathi, Batavi, and Morehii.
Frig Mergothian: Language of the Friggi. It is mutually intelligible with Mergothian, but not with Bo Mergothian.

Equitite Languages
Andulutian: The language of the Anduletti and Borghetti.
Andulutian Genavian: The language of the Genavii. It has Andulutian influences, but is not mutually intelligible with Andulutian.

Other Languages
Genavian: The language of a people along the far-western cost.
Szerka: The language of the Szerkaow, a hill people East of the Brechen Mountains.
Reiza: The language of the Reiza, a planes people to the East and South of the Brechen Mountains.
Urzak: The language of the Urzgal.


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