This is a Pathfinder/ D&D 3.5 campaign in a custom world reminiscent of the Fall of Rome and the rise of the European kingdoms.

Initial character creation shall be at 2 character levels with the following mechanism for attribute generation:

Each attribute starts at 9. Players have 30 points to allocate across their character’s six attributes, and no attribute can exceed 18.

The initial hit die (for the class taken at Character Level 1) should be taken at maximum. This means that if a character has chosen Rogue (hit-die 1d6) for her first level and Fighter (hit-die 1d10) for her second level, the character’s HP is equal to 6 + 1d10. So it matters what level you choose for your first level. Keep in mind that what level is chosen first will be considered your character’s Favored Class.

Because of the character generation system, and because this setting all but ignores non-human characters, the +2 bonus to a selected ability score during creation will be ignored; this means you don’t get it. That said, characters will still get the extra bonus feat granted to Humans at character creation. So for first level, you still get to choose at least 2 feats — one for being Character Level 1, and one for being human! You will have to wait until Character Level 4 to up your Ability scores.

It has yet to be determined how fast characters will progress — we will see where we are when we get to 1300 XP, and go from there.

The Spear

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